In connection with the implementation of the reconstruction of the tramway track along Tsar Boris III Boulevard and for the overall improvement of the quality of the transport services provided along the route, the component ‘Purchase of new low-floor, articulated tramcars’ is included in the project. 

The new tramcars will serve the completely reconstructed route of tram line № 5 along Tsar Boris III Boulevard. Their number is determined by the need for transport and the available funds. 

Within this activity, 13 tramcars were purchased (2 of which – with municipal funds), which will cover the basic needs along the newly reconstructed route. In this way, the rolling stock servicing tram line № 5 will be completed renovated. The tramcars will be equipped with an electronic passenger information system, a ticketing system and a video surveillance system, which can be integrated into the transit signal priority (TSP) system. 


The implementation of the activity was carried out with the help of the project partner Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC and with the assistance of the beneficiary – Sofia Municipality. 


Thirteen new low-floor and air-conditioned, articulated tramcars with a platform for baby carriages and people with reduced mobility were purchased. The tramcars have video surveillance, a ‘stop button’ and audible alarm for blind people. 

The vehicles were supplied by the Polish company PESA and are model Swing NaSF2. The implementation of their supply will renovate part of the vehicles that serve tram line № 5.

The specifications and characteristics of the new tramcars set in the project will increase the accessibility of public transport and reduce the harmful impact on the environment. With their supply, the transport services will be improved by increasing the quality and comfort, the speed and throughput of public transport.

The new tramcars, which will move along the reconstructed tramway track of Tsar Boris III Boulevard, will shorten the travel time on the specified route. The improved characteristics of the trams will increase the traffic safety and security and will result in reducing the costs for maintenance of the rolling stock.