The purpose of the project is to improve the public transport system by providing an efficient public transport service in the urban areas of Sofia city, envisaging investments in sites of citywide importance, the implementation of which will directly contribute to overcoming the growing problems in the field of transport, such as obsolete and dangerous infrastructure, unsuitable conditions in the vehicles, high level of pollution, traffic and excessive use of private cars, etc. 

The project envisages a number of measures that represent a stage in the achievement of the overall strategy for the development of Sofia integrated urban transport. 

The implementation of the project will address major problems in the field of transport, related to the increase in traffic and use of cars, pollution, security, accessibility.

The set general goal will be achieved through the realization of the following specific goals:

– Upgrading the results achieved within the project ‘Sofia Integrated Urban Transport Project’ under ‘Regions in Growth Operational Program for 2007 – 2013 programming period;

– Positive impact on the environment by reducing noise and air pollution and improving the characteristics of the vehicles used;

– Encouraging the use of public transport at the expense of private cars by improving transport services and raising quality standards, improving speed and throughput;

– Promoting multimodal sustainable urban mobility by improving connections between different regions and various forms of transport;

– Reducing the travel time of vehicles and passengers without deteriorating the traffic conditions;

– Improving accessibility – the renovation of vehicles is subject to the rules for accessibility of the urban environment and will enable disadvantaged people to travel freely in the public transport without restrictions;

– Improving safety and mobility.

As a secondary effect, the project is expected to increase the attractiveness of the areas around the planned investments by increasing and improving the public transport services offered.